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Services We Provide

We can help any individual, group, and organization understand the full picture of their creativity profile. We can also help parents understand their child's creativity more deeply. Take a look at the list of the services below, and contact us if you have any questions or requests. 

Services can be provided in person or remotely.

TTCT Torrance Creativity Test

Creativity Assessment Using TTCT - Children and Adults

Creativitics is committed to profiling and improving everyone's creativity to help them reach their full potential. Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about how we can help creativity thrive in your life. This session involves both TTCT Figural and Verbal.


Interpretative TTCT Consultation

This additional follow-up service provides an interpretative consultation for anyone seeking in-depth insights on their creativity profile. Requires a completed test of TTCT at Creativitics in advance.

Taking Notes

Creativity Coaching & Internship

Customized training and coaching can be provided for individuals desiring to improve their creative potential, which can lead to increased individual or institutional innovation.


Internships in the form of job shadowing and training can be offered to individuals in human resources management or strategic planning roles. This is available by institutional agreement only.

Group seminar

Group Seminar for Parents

This is for parents with a desire to understand what creativity is and how it can be identified and developed. Virtual sessions are possible. 

Group Seminar for Organizations

This is for companies or government agencies that want to help their employees and management understand what creativity is and how it helps individuals and organizations innovate. Virtual sessions are possible. 

TTCT Scoring "Tutorial" for Teachers and Researchers

Creativitics can help teachers and researchers understand TTCT and how it is scored. This service can be helpful for those preparing to get TTCT certificates and is only for verified teachers and researchers in higher education working in educational psychology or gifted education. Service is available in both English and Korean.


​Services can be provided in person or online. Contact us to inquire about more details and pricing.

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