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The Science of Creativity for Every Beyonder

Creativitics is a research-driven creativity assessment & consulting firm based in Georgia in the United States. Creativitics strives to help every "Beyonder" succeed in their own way, empowered by their creativity. Dr. E. Paul Torrance, considered as the father of modern creativity and innovation, coined the word “Beyonders” to describe people at the very high end of creative achievement. He believed that creative thinking is the most critical element of problem-solving, which is necessary to survive in any given environment. Torrance believed that everyone has a unique set of strengths and that education should be built on these strengths rather than weaknesses. 


Following Torrance, we also believe in the power of creativity and its presence in everyone. When education is built on one's strengths rather than weaknesses, anyone can become creative in their own way. This enables our society to enjoy the diversity of creative talents, empowering the discovery of ideas, innovation, and success.

Creativitics: "Creativity + -ics"

Mission and Vision

Creativitics is a word we created by combining creativity and "-ics," which is often used to name a scientific field (e.g. robotics). As such, Creativitics' mission is to use the science of creativity to help individuals and organizations enrich their creativity. By doing so, we want to contribute to the science and practice of creativity education, helping people create new things and innovate in the process.

License and Permission Information

Creativitics is the licensee of STS (Scholastic Testing Service) to translate, develop, manufacture, promote, market, and service ATTA in Korea, and has STS' permission to purchase, research, and utilize TTCT's English version in Korea. 

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